Computer Shortcut Keys very Beneficial

Using Computer Shortcut Keys are very beneficial for people who work on computers daily. Learn one thing in a day, but learn it. The shortcut method is used by those who possess leadership skills

By using the shortcut path, our work done in hours is done in minutes and the work of minutes in seconds, in such a short time we complete our target.

In these days technology and the use of computer has become an essential part of every work, so for better use of computer we should learn and remember all these short keys so that we can complete all our work on time without wasting our precious time

Some people say that those who take shortcuts are incompetent, but they actually innovate.

Uses of Computer Shortcut Keys with (CTRL+)

­­Nos.Keys NameUses
1Ctrl+ASelect ALL
2Ctrl+BBold Selected Area
5Ctrl+ECentralized Selected Area
6Ctrl+FFind & Replace
7Ctrl+GGo to Page, Section, Line etc.
8Ctrl+HWords Replacement
9Ctrl+IItalic  (Italic)
10Ctrl+LAlign text left
11Ctrl+KInsert Hyperlink
13Ctrl+NNew Page / Work Book
14Ctrl+O / F12Open File
16Ctrl+RAlign text Right
17Ctrl+SFile Save
­­20Ctrl+WClose File
23Ctrl+F2Print Preview
24Ctrl+F4Do you want to close file
25Ctrl+F5 / F6Open other files
26Ctrl+F10Maximize and Restore Down
27Ctrl+HomeGo to beginning Current  Document
28Ctrl+EndGo to the end of current line
29Ctrl+→Move One word to the right at a time
30Ctrl+←Move One word to the left at a time
31Ctrl+”Copy Value from Cell Above
32Ctrl+;Insert Current Date
33Ctrl+:Insert Current Time
34Ctrl+ʼCopy Formula from Cell Above


Uses of Computer Keys With (ALT+)

Nos.Keys NameUses/ Apply
1Alt+Ctrl+DelRestart Computer
2Alt+F4Close Current File or Computer
3Alt+F5Restore Down Current File
4Alt+F8Macro Name
5Alt+Space+NMinimize Current File
6Alt+Space+RRestore Down Current File
7Alt+Space+XMaximize Current File
8Alt+Space+CClose Current File


Uses of Shortcut Keys With Shift and Row (F1-F12):

Nos.Keys NameUses/ Apply
1F1Universal help (for all Program)
2F2Edit File
3F3Paste Name
4F4Repeat last action
5F5Go to
6F6Next Pane
7F7Grammar & Spelling check
8F8Extend mode
9F9Recalculate all work books
10F10 Active Menu bar.
11F11New Chart
12F12Save as
13Shift+HomeHighlight from Current position to beginning line
14Shift+EndHighlight from Current position to beginning line


Uses of Computer Shortcut Keys

Uses of Computer Shortcut Keys

Uses of Computer Shortcut Keys

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