Digestive System and Anatomy & How it work

The Digestive System begin from lips and ends at anus.



1. Define the digestive system and list its functions
2. Identify the various organs of the digestive system
3. Describe the anatomy & physiology of digestive organs
4. Discuss the role of accessory organs in digestion
5. Discuss the digestion of food within
1. Mouth
2. Stomach
3. Small intestines
4. Large intestines
6. Discuss the absorption of nutrients in the digestive system
7. Discuss the process of defecation.

Digestive System
• The digestive system consists of the alimentary canal and accessory
organs. A variety of digestive processes take place at different
levels in the canal to prepare food eaten in the diet for absorption.
Organs Of The Digestive System
• The Gastrointestinal (GI) Tract, Or Alimentary Canal
• The Accessory Digestive Organs

Basic Processes In the Digestive System
1. Ingestion
2. Secretion
3. Propulsion
4. Digestion
5. Absorption
6. Elimination

Basic Processes In the Digestive System
This is the process of taking food into the alimentary tract
Each day, cells within the walls of the GI tract and accessory digestive organs
secrete a total of about 7 liters of water, acid, buffers, and enzymes into the
lumen (interior space) of the tract
This moves the contents along the alimentary tract

Digestion consists
Mechanical breakdown of food by, e.g. mastication (chewing)
Chemical digestion of food by enzymes present in secretions produced by
glands and accessory organs of the digestive system.
This is the process by which digested food substances pass through the walls
of some organs of the alimentary canal into the blood and lymph capillaries for
circulation around the body.
Food substances that have been eaten but cannot be digested and absorbed
are excreted by the bowel as feces.

Structure of the Stomach
The stomach is continuous with the
esophagus at the cardiac sphincter
and with the duodenum at the
pyloric sphincter.
It has two curvatures.
Lesser Curvature
Greater Curvature
The stomach is divided into three

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