E-Challan Pay System in Punjab Pakistan

E-Challan pay System is a humanitarian initiative of the Government of Pakistan and E-Challan System is very useful for Pakistan People.

What is E-Challan Pay System in Pakistan?

The government of Pakistan has introduced a modern traffic E-Challan pay system in the country of Pakistan, and Safe Citizen cameras have been installed on all roads in the cities. Now no one will be able to violate the traffic rules and the usual traffic accidents can be avoided as much as possible. In the big cities of Pakistan, it has become impossible to run traffic signals and escape from the Pakistan traffic police.

E-Challan Message from 8070:

Any citizen who violates the traffic rules will not be stopped on the road, but the person in whose name the vehicle is registered will receive a message from 8070 on his mobile, which will be a challan and he will receive that challan every time. It will have to be done.

E-Challan Sample Paper

How to Pay E-Challan/ E-Challan Pay in Punjab Pakistan?

For violating traffic rules, if you receive a message from 8070, click on the link below and add that number to it, then your e-challan will be sent to you at home. You don’t have to go to any bank. There will be no need.

E-Pay Challan System in Pakistan

Click Here for Pay E-Challan

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