eHunar Free Courses and Scholarship for Youth in Pakistan

eHunar Free Courses and Scholarship is a very wonderful and welcoming initiative by the Government of Pakistan for (Hunarmand Nowjawan and Hunarmand Kamyab Youth) the young generation due to which the youth can be able to earn a good job by mastering their favorite field. Latest knowledge and techniques in the field of digital marketing.

eHunar Free Courses and Scholarship

EHunar Free Courses For Youth in Pakistan:

  1. Machine Learning, AI & Data Science
  2. Flutter Apps (Web, Mobile & Desktop Apps)
  3. Android Apps Development
  4. PPC Google Ads
  5. The Complete Youtube Mastery
  6. Full Stack Digital Marketing
  7. Adobe AfterEffects (Motion Graphics & Animations)
  8. AutoCAD 2D & 3D
  9. Full Stack Graphics Design
  10. AWS FBA Business
  11. MS Office
  12. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  13. PHP Laravel
  14. Full Stack Web Development
  15. Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH)
  16. Penetration Testing Web Hacking
  17. Python for Everyone
  18. SAP Business One ERP
  19. Cisco CCNA (R&S)
  20. Shopify Dropshipping
  21. AWS Virtual Assistant
  22. Video Editing
  23. eBay Dropshipping
  24. iOS Apps Development with SwiftUI

eHunar Free Courses and Scholarship

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