Fajr Prayer Time in Karachi April 2022 Download Online

Fajr Prayer Time in KarachiFajr Prayer Time in Karachi April 2023 Download Online now. In the month of April 2023, the Fajr prayer times of Karachi are written below. All these prayer times are starting times. So complete April month prayer times are available. Just download fajr time in Karachi and Fajar prayer timing below.

Fajr Prayer Time in Karachi April 2023

The Fajr prayer time on 02 April is 05:06 AM and the sunrise is 06:23 AM.

2022-04-015:07 AM6:24 AM12:36 PM4:04 PM6:48 PM8:05 PM
2022-04-025:06 AM6:23 AM12:36 PM4:04 PM6:49 PM8:06 PM
2022-04-035:05 AM6:22 AM12:35 PM4:04 PM6:49 PM8:06 PM
2022-04-045:04 AM6:21 AM12:35 PM4:04 PM6:49 PM8:07 PM
2022-04-055:03 AM6:20 AM12:35 PM4:03 PM6:50 PM8:07 PM
2022-04-065:02 AM6:19 AM12:34 PM4:03 PM6:50 PM8:08 PM
2022-04-075:00 AM6:18 AM12:34 PM4:03 PM6:51 PM8:08 PM
2022-04-084:59 AM6:17 AM12:34 PM4:03 PM6:51 PM8:09 PM
2022-04-094:58 AM6:16 AM12:34 PM4:02 PM6:52 PM8:09 PM
2022-04-104:57 AM6:15 AM12:33 PM4:02 PM6:52 PM8:10 PM
2022-04-114:56 AM6:14 AM12:33 PM4:02 PM6:52 PM8:11 PM
2022-04-124:55 AM6:13 AM12:33 PM4:02 PM6:53 PM8:11 PM
2022-04-134:54 AM6:12 AM12:33 PM4:02 PM6:53 PM8:12 PM
2022-04-144:53 AM6:11 AM12:32 PM4:01 PM6:54 PM8:12 PM
2022-04-154:52 AM6:10 AM12:32 PM4:01 PM6:54 PM8:13 PM
2022-04-164:51 AM6:09 AM12:32 PM4:01 PM6:55 PM8:14 PM
2022-04-174:49 AM6:08 AM12:32 PM4:01 PM6:55 PM8:14 PM
2022-04-184:48 AM6:07 AM12:31 PM4:00 PM6:56 PM8:15 PM
2022-04-194:47 AM6:07 AM12:31 PM4:00 PM6:56 PM8:15 PM
2022-04-204:46 AM6:06 AM12:31 PM4:00 PM6:57 PM8:16 PM
2022-04-214:45 AM6:05 AM12:31 PM4:00 PM6:57 PM8:17 PM
2022-04-224:44 AM6:04 AM12:31 PM3:59 PM6:57 PM8:17 PM
2022-04-234:43 AM6:03 AM12:30 PM3:59 PM6:58 PM8:18 PM
2022-04-244:42 AM6:02 AM12:30 PM3:59 PM6:58 PM8:19 PM
2022-04-254:41 AM6:01 AM12:30 PM3:59 PM6:59 PM8:19 PM
2022-04-264:40 AM6:01 AM12:30 PM3:58 PM6:59 PM8:20 PM
2022-04-274:39 AM6:00 AM12:30 PM3:58 PM7:00 PM8:21 PM
2022-04-284:38 AM5:59 AM12:29 PM3:58 PM7:00 PM8:21 PM
2022-04-294:37 AM5:58 AM12:29 PM3:57 PM7:01 PM8:22 PM
2022-04-304:36 AM5:57 AM12:29 PM3:57 PM7:01 PM8:23 PM

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