First Female Pilot In the World Raymonde

First Female Pilot In the World Raymond (Raymonde de Laroche) was born in a city in Paris, France on 22 August 1882. Raymond’s father was a simple plumber and worked hard.

From her childhood, Raymond had the passion and desire to do something new in her life.

Passion of the First Female Pilot In the World:

Raymonde de Laroche developed a passion for cycling, so she learned to ride a bicycle and then went to school on a bicycle every day but with age, this hobby changed to flying airplanes

When Raymond wanted to fly an airplane in the air, she expressed her desire to fly an airplane. She requested her friend (Charles Voisin) to teach her to fly an airplane on October 1909, so her friend said “yes” and taught her to fly an airplane.

The First Female Pilot In the World to fly an airplane:

Raymonde de Laroche learned to fly an airplane in just one year and became an excellent pilot and became the first female pilot in the world on 8 March 1910.

She was flying a plane when due to some technical fault the plane crashed and she died in the accident on 18 July 1919. She lived only 36 years.

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