International Mazdoor Day 1st May 2023 Importance For Humanity

Labor Day/ Mazdoor Day is celebrated every year on 1st May to pay tribute to workers/ Mazdoors all over the world. The purpose of celebrating this Labor Day/ Mazdoor Day is to encourage those who work hard all day for their wives, children, siblings, and families to feed them and meet their other expenses.

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Mazdoor Day 1st may 2023

Value of Labor Day/ Mazdoor Day 1st May 2023:

On Labor Day/ Mazdoor Day we should eat with these workers and give some of our time and try our best to bring happiness to their faces. A laborer works for his family all day in the sun and is drenched in sweat, starved of hunger and thirst but lives for others without caring for himself. He does not take it because he knows that with this money he has to feed his children and pay school fees

International Mazdoor Day 1st may 2023

Islamic Points Regarding Labor Day/ Mazdoor Day:

The Prophet of Allah, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said, “Give the laborer his wages before his sweat dries up.”

Many people make the laborers/ Mazdoors work all day and then do not pay them in the evening, but they do not know what the conditions of the Mazdoor’s/ laborer’s houses are, how they are living, and whether their children have eaten at night or not.

When Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq became the Caliph, he said that my monthly salary should be as much as a laborer’s/ Mazdoor’s expenses for a month, then people said that O Caliph of the time, you would not have spent so much money then Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq said that if my salary is not sufficient, then the monthly expenses of the laborer/ Mazdoor should be increased and I will also take the same amount as the salary of the laborer/ Mazdoor.

Empty-handed Laborers/ Mazdoors on Labor Day/ Mazdoor Day 1st May 2023:

Once you look around you, you will find many laborers/ Mzdoors who are struggling for a day’s labor but don’t get work. Laborers/ Mazdoors also worry that if we go home empty-handed, our wives What will the children answer? Therefore, take care of these laborers in every way and give the workers issues before their sweat dries up.

Mazdoor Day 1st may 2023

Old Laborers/ Mazdoors in our Society:

Many old people (laborers/ Mzdoors) do daily labor even if they sell anything because they are worried about their family either there is no other earner beside them or their children leave them alone. It has been done, you must buy something from such old workers (laborers/ Mzdoors), whether you need it or not. By doing this, these workers (laborers/ Mzdoors) are more motivated and bring happiness to their homes.

Mazdoor Day 1st may 2023


Teenage Laborers/ Mazdoors in our Society:

You may have come across some children (laborers/ Mzdoors) who started working at a young/Teenage. In our society, these children (laborers/ Mzdoors) are not respected because they belong to poor families. Whenever they are called, they are called by a different name or they are called by abuse, you don’t know that they are small workers but they are elders of their house and family.

 We should treat them with compassion because poverty does not come by telling.

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