Harassment Mobile App Meri Awaaz For Women Helpline 1787

The government of Punjab, Pakistan has going to launch Harassment Mobile App Meri Awaaz for the protection of females. A good initiative of the Punjab government for the protection of women (Harassment Mobile App Meri Awaaz), due to which all women will be safe۔ A Harassment Mobile App Meri Awaaz has been developed for the safety of women will be launched soon.

Harassment Mobile App Meri Awaaz

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Harassment Mobile App Meri Awaaz

Harassment Mobile App Meri Awaaz for Women’s Harassment in Punjab, Pakistan:

Women are in any region of Punjab province and someone is harassing them, the affected women can get immediate police help by pressing the button of the instant Harassment Mobile App “Meri Awaaz”.

The police will respond immediately in case of harassment, violence, and other related emergencies on the helpline and the police will reach you within a few minutes to help you by using Harassment Mobile App “Meri Awaaz”.

Harassment Mobile App Meri Awaaz

Harassment Mobile App Meri Awaaz and Safety Helpline 1787:

By pressing the button of the Harassment Mobile App “Meri Awaaz” the data of the victimized woman will be automatically sent to the nearest police station under the system. Also, for women who do not have smartphones, there is an emergency helpline number 1787 in case of harassment. Women who are victims of harassment and violence can report to the police by calling on 1787. Now women will feel safe wherever they are.

Harassment Mobile App "Meri Awaaz"

What is Sexual Harassment:

In our society, this word (harassment) is now very common. Every person must have some knowledge, if not a lot, about sexual harassment.

Many years ago the word sexual harassment would have been heard very rarely but now this word has become very common as we have started to adopt things from Western countries that are considered bad in our Eastern countries and environment. But now we are adopting their environment, clothes, and habits because of all these habits and environment. We are moving away from our traditions and religion (Islam). Even we have become insecure in our own country (Pakistan) and home.

Mentally or Physically Torture by Harassment: 

To inflict mental or physical torture on any human being or to torture him/ her mentally or physically and to compel or induce him mentally or physically to commit acts which are immoral to the society Sexual Harassment of any gender. It can happen to human beings whether it is male or female or eunuchs/ shemale. They should download Harassment Mobile App “Meri Awaaz” for their protection.

Harassment Mobile App Meri Awaaz

Places of sexual harassment:

There is no special place for harassment of any gender but people can harass it in any place for their own interest and comfort. Places can usually be Schools, Colleges, Offices,  Seminaries, Workplaces, any Transport or Public places, and even your own Home where sexual harassment can happen.

Methods of sexual harassment:
  •  Immoral phrases
  • Unethical behavior
  • Violation of human rights
  • Violation of human dignity
  • Mental torture
  • In-Balance Min
  • Making threats
  • Compelling for the fever
  • Mental and physical torture
  • Blackmail via video
  • Blackmail by message
  • Harassment by tempting a hope

Harassment Mobile App Meri Awaaz

Age limit for (Mental or Physically Torture) sexual harassment:

There is no age limit for sexual harassment. It is a tragedy of our society that there is so much filth in this society that we do not even look at who is in front of us when doing wrong, we do not forgive even a 3-year-old child. There are many examples of sexual harassment of children of this age in our society. Similarly, men, women, and eunuchs/ shemales could not escape from this harassment. A newborn child in this society can also be a victim of harassment because when an unwanted child enters this world. When it comes, the parents send them away from the world by physically torturing them, and this is unfair to the child, it also comes under harassment.

Harms of Sexual Harassment:

Workers will be harassed in the workplace, they will leave the job which will lead to an increase in unemployment.

  • People’s self-esteem will be hurt.
  • The rich classes will follow their whims.
  • The lower classes will be forced to do wrong things.
  • Economically people will not be allowed to stabilize.
  • People will not be able to raise their voices for their rights.
  • Deserving and forced people will be removed from work.
  • Confidence will rise from each other.

Harassment Mobile App Meri Awaaz

Ways to avoid sexual Harassment:

If we want to rid our society of this filth and human suffering, we have to take the necessary steps for it.

  • Training should be started for children in Schools, Colleges, and Homes in which information is provided to them through short video clips.
  • Parents: Parents take the children into their confidence and tell them about the good and bad of the society
  • Talk openly: Talk openly with children and pay close attention to their daily activities and thoughts
  • Explain: Explain to the children the events that happened during the journey along the way
  • Teach children: how to talk to relatives and friends about how much you can trust or talk to them.
  • Call for help: Also, teach what to do and how to call for help if someone tries to touch or forcefully hold you.
  • Go Away: If someone calls the children on the way, go away and tell your family
  • Information: Treat children with kindness and compassion and provide them with information about everything
  • Awareness: Every citizen should be aware of the surrounding people about the safety App Harassment Mobile App Meri Awaaz or Helpline 1787.

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