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Pakistan E-passport launched in 2022Pakistan E-passport launched in 2022; online visa available in 191 countries. Moreover, an electronic chip can be used in the new biometric E-passport. Furthermore, the federal minister has informed that 29 latest new security features have been added to the new e-passport 2022.
Therefore, it would be the biggest upgrade ever made to Pakistan’s E-passport system, so far.

Pakistan E-passport launched

As a matter of fact, Pakistan has become one of three nations to launch an e-passport which will be Firstly issued to diplomatic and govt officials of Pakistan while its international application would start from June 2022 onwards.

The other two nations are Malaysia and India and there is a total of 50 other countries that have been granted an avail e-passport facility with Pakistan E-passport launched by the Ministry of Interior as well as the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA).

Online Visa with Pakistan E-Passports

Pakistan E-passport is a new type of Pakistan passport that will be introduced on April 1, 2022, and would be issued to all Pakistan citizens for travel abroad after that date. In 2022, you will have to wait a year or so for your E-passport to become valid but until then you can apply for an e Visa to various destinations.

All you need is your E-passport number and click on those countries who are offering it via the online system. Good news for travel enthusiasts!

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Pakistan E-Passport Security Features

Pakistan’s E-Passport is now more secure and tamper-proof with the latest 29 features added to it. An E-Passport chip would contain basic information about an individual, his/her facial image, fingerprint, and other data of a person will be stored in a database for future use.

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