Pakistan Utility Stores Rates 2023 Download

Pakistan Utility Stores Rates Pakistan Utility Stores Rates 2023 are available to download. First of all, in the Ramadan Relief Package 2023, Utility Stores Corporation will offer too many heavy discounts on all products. So, the Pakistan utility stores rates are very flexible and in the range of needy and poor people.

Furthermore, in the Pakistan Utility stores relief package, the utility stores corporation offers white gram at Rs. 213 while the price of a white gram in the Local market is available at Rs. 250-260. Also, Besan is available during the month of Ramadan at Utility Store corporations all over the country at a price of Rs. 170 instead of Rs. 190-220. In addition to this, 1 KG Dal Channa is for Rs. 162 at Utility Stores, and in the local market, the price is Rs. 180-190 per KG.

Pakistan Utility Stores Rates 2023

Moreover, 1 KG washed Dal Moong is at Rs. 170 and in the local market the price is Rs. 180-200 per kg. Also, the price of washed Dal Mash at Utility Stores is Rs. 268 and in the local market, the price of 1 KG of Dal Mash is Rs. 280-320.

Moreover, 1 KG Dal Masoor at Utility Stores is Rs. 215, and the price in the local market, the price of 1-KG Dal Masoor is Rs. 250-280. Therefore, the price of rice Sella is to be Rs. 165/kg, rice basmati Rs. 155/kg, and Tota rice Rs.85/kg at all Utility Stores corporations of Pakistan. Also, the price of 1 KG dates would be available at Rs. 140 while the price in the Local market is available dates from Rs. 200-240. Therefore, Utility Stores is offering tea (950 grams) at Rs. 1042 while black tea (950 gram) in the local market of the same brand is available at Rs. 1250.

Furthermore, the Milk is available at Utility Stores at Rs. 142 per KG while in the Local market it is available for Rs. 165 per KG. additionally, Squashes and syrups (800 ml) at Utility Stores are available at Rs. 250 per bottle instead of Rs. 290 and squashes and syrups (1500 ml) are provided at Rs. 437 while the Local market is offering squashes and syrups (1500 ml) at Rs. 495.

Utility Store Helpline Number

Furthermore, if you looking for any problem at Utility Stores in the price of any other issue, then you can freely contact the utility store corporations’ toll-free number and contact the utility store’s complaint registration cell:

Toll-free Number             0800-05590

Complaint Registration cell           051-111-123-570

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