Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2023 Apply Online via BoP

Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2023 via Bank of Punjab


The government of Punjab has launched the Punjab Rozgar scheme for small & medium industries, Agricultural, and trading businesses with more than 5 Billion Rupees (50 Crore Rupees for Green and development, 350 Crore Rupees for Small and medium enterprises, and 100 Crore for Agriculture)  via BOP Bank of Punjab published in various newspapers from 28 February 2023.

Types of Punjab Rozgar Scheme:

1. Clean lending: Clean lending loan from One lac Rupees (Rs. 100,000/-) to Ten Lac Rupees (Rs. 1,000,000/-) with a 4% Markup by BoP Bank of Punjab.

2. Secured lending: Secured lending loan from ten lac Rupees (Rs. 1,000,000/-) to One Crore Rupees (Rs. 10,000,000/-) with a 5% Markup by BoP Bank of Punjab.

Download Punjab Rozgar Scheme Application:

Punjab Rozgar Scheme is a business project plan

Loan Periods of Punjab Rozgar Scheme:

Punjab Rozgar scheme Loan payment period is 2 years to 5 years.

Punjab Rozgar scheme Fee:

Punjab Rozgar scheme processing fee is Rs. 2000/- Non-refundable.

Punjab Rozgar Scheme Markup:

The Bank of Punjab will deduct 4% for Clean lending and 5% for secured lending.


How to apply for the Punjab Rozgar Scheme?

To apply for Punjab Rozgar Scheme please follow these steps:

  • Applicant must have valid CNIC.
  • The applicant’s Resident must be in the Punjab Province and a citizen of Punjab, Pakistan.
  • Punjab Rozgar Scheme Applicant’s age ranges from 20 to 50 years.
  • Applicant’s business location in Punjab.
  • Applicants must have good ideas with a valuable business plan.
  • The applicant will provide 2-person security
  • The security person will be a citizen of Punjab and less than 55 years old.
  • For further information please visit the official website of the Punjab Rozgar Scheme:https://rozgar.psic.punjab.gov.pk/


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