Shab E Barat Nawafil Ka Tarika in Urdu 15 Shaban Ibadat

Shab E Barat Nawafil is the are most important for all Muslims, also known as Shab-e-Barat, or Night of Power commemorates the night in which according to Islam, the first verses of the Quran were revealed to Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

It is believed that on this night the last page of your book of deeds (Akira) will be filled with good or bad deeds and there’s no way to erase it or modify it because it has been sealed before you entered this world by Allah SWT himself. Find below shab e barat nawafil ka tarika /method in Urdu. The ibadat shab e barat nawafil method and shab e barat nawafil ka tarika in urdu see below.

Shab E Barat Nawafil Ka Tarika in Urdu:

Moreover, in this Shab e Barat night, Nama e Amal of all is written for the whole year. This can be a prayer, worship, remembrance of God, and so on. Therefore, on this night all Muslims perform Shab e Barat nawafil to overcome their Guna and also perform a different type of nawafil like 2 Rakat nawafil, 4 Rakat nawafil, 8 Rakat nawafil, and salat u tasbih. The Shab E Barat Nawafil Ka Tarika in Urdu is shared below.

Importance Of Shab E Barat Nawafil

Shab e Barat is a night on which special Islamic prayers are offered. It takes place on 15 Shaban, according to the Islamic calendar. In addition to being an important evening for Muslims all over; it has been reported by famous Sunni scholars that observing Shab e Barat leads to rewards similar to those of sacrificing one’s life while spreading Islam during Jihad. The prayer is believed to be of immense value even if it is observed individually at home.

Shab E Barat Nawafil Ka Tarika in Urdu 15 Shaban Ibadat

15 Shaban Ibadat

To do ibadat on 15 Shaban is one of the best and biggest benefits. Imam Ali (AS) said: The night of the fifteenth of Shaban is superior to 1,000 months (in reward). The best worship offered by Muslims on that night is praying salt u tasbih, Shab e barat nawafil ka tarika in urdu, tahajjud salah and fast.

Furthermore, it was narrated that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to observe fasting on every 15th of Shaban and a number of his companions did so as well. On this day, he would offer special nawafil (supererogatory prayers) after Isha prayer.

Salat U Tasbeeh Perhnay Ka Tariqa

This post describes how to perform Salat u Tasbeeh (Perhnay ka tariqa). You can get all information on salat Tasbeeh prayer here and how to do it. Just read it and you will be a little bit close to Allah u swt. Salat Tasbeeh Perhnay is a very popular worship for children who are at home or living with their parents because there is no need for supervision from elders as children should do themselves and by keeping a strict eye on them.

Shab E Barat Nawafil Wazaif

Shab e Barat Wazaif are very important, we need to do ibadat and Wazaif all night. One of them is shab e Barat. So according to Hadith or Quran, we should also perform shab e Barat ibadat and salat as well as Wazaif. Doing these things on shab e Barat day is helpful for us.

Shab E Barat Nawafil Dua

Duas for the night of Shab e Barat and Night of Nisf Shaban should be read. Dua for shab e barat and nisah shabaan Namaz is must that we learn from our pious parents. They are simple Duas but they can bring many blessings to our life. We should recite these Dua on a regular basis. We will get better results if these dua’s are repeated regularly. Before getting married every girl must recite these dua’s on a regular basis so that her married life will have smooth sailing, there will be no problems or hurdles as husband and wife share each other happiness and sorrows, whatever decision you take he or she will support you.

Nawafil Of Shab E Barat

According to Muslim traditions, it is Sunnat (Nafil) of Shab e Barat. It means that whoever performs them on Shab e Barat night will get rewards equal to the whole year itself. In Islam, it is necessary to perform some of these ibadat shab e barat nawafil for getting more rewards and blessings from Allah.

Some of these rituals or ibadat are related to Rasool Allah (SAW) himself. The following ways of performing Shab e Barat nawafil are mentioned below:1. Salat o Ibaadah: Prayers and devotion can be offered by offering five prayers in addition to the daily obligatory prayers which have been explained above along with their timings and duration.

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