Women Tech Makers (WTM) Program in Pakistan

Google will organize seven Women Tech Makers events in Pakistan. Assistance will be provided to empower 1,550 women developers in 5 major cities of Pakistan. This news is published in many newspapers to inform those women who deserve it.

Women Tech Makers by Google:

Women Tech Makers will be a great and global initiative by Google to provide visibility, community, and resources for women of Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

Seven Events by Google in three Countries ( Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka):

These seven women tech maker events will be held in different cities of the country in the form of rallies, workshops, seminars, networking events, and conferences which will begin in March and continue until the end of May, providing technical expertise and training to overcome unique challenges.

Google Developers 2023

Purpose of Women Tech Makers:

Farhan S. Qureshi, Regional Director of Google for Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, said that the events organized by Women Tech Makers with the support of their ambassadors will not only bring success to women in technology but also encourage more women. By doing so, they will also be included in the rapidly growing tech industry.

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